Chambray Romper Two Ways

Chambray Romper

Chambray Romper (fab’rik Destin) | Booties (Blush Destin) | Sunglasses (similar) | Statement Necklace (bluCalypso) When I met with Style by Kimberly earlier this month she was very surprised that I didn’t have more of the color blue in my closet. As discussed in that post, she makes suggestions based on pieces missing from your closet to keep a look out for on your next shopping trip (even better she identifies what you DON’T need more of). I took her advice and knew when I found this light blue chambray romper at fab’rik Destin, it was a match made in heaven! Not only does it feel like pajamas, it’s perfect for spring and can be worn two ways; 1. with an adorable statement necklace or 2. with the tie detail in a sweet little bow in front. It’s an actual win-win situation haha! I like this chambray romper paired with simple western-inspired booties and a bright statement necklace. The fun pop-of-yellow makes this chambray romper look pulled together but in a relaxed way! Don’t love to sport a statement necklace? No worries, bring the tie detail to the front and add a cute bow. I’ve mentioned a bachelorette party next month that […]


Nordstrom Sale Under $100

Nordstrom Sale Under $100

Sleeveless Turtleneck | Jumpsuit | Cold Shoulder Dress | “Be Wine” Tank | Statement Heels | Fringe Clutch I am never one to be ahead of the sale! I know there were a ton of great President’s Day sales this weekend but I didn’t take advantage of any of them, until I came across the Nordstrom sale (naturally)! As I remain in this odd limbo between trying to buy winter staples on sale (deets on that soon) and spring items at a reasonable price, I was so excited to see so many great spring items in this sale. In fact, this dress is already on its way to me in the mail! I pulled some additional items that are living in my cart but I don’t have a ton of time to think about it since this sale wraps up on Sunday. Let me rationalize with you myself about why I need each item (other than the fact that everything is under $100): Sleeveless Turtleneck– I am always cold! The spring and summer make dressing especially challenging since the record breaking temps outside are greeted by 60 degrees whenever a door to a restaurant or store opens. Therefore, I am always in need […]


Ivory Sweater Now + Later

Ivory Sweater

Ivory Sweater (sold out, similar) | Jean Shorts (similar) | Sunglasses (similar) | Heels (c/o Blush Destin) Signs of spring are surrounding me on a daily basis and I am SO. EXCITED. Earlier this week Mack and I were walking the dogs and it was perfect morning. He said, “we’ve got to get out earlier on days like today.” I couldn’t agree more! I love the energized essence of spring as warm weather, chirping birds and fresh flowers make their appearance after winter. Spring time makes me want to get up, get outside and be productive whereas winter tends to make me want to ball up on the couch under a blanket. Can you all relate? I am feeling so anxious as 70 degree weather is on the cusp on consistency here in the panhandle of Florida. Over the past few weeks this has basically been my pre-spring uniform; a chunky, rolled sleeve sweater and jean shorts. I love this sweater that I got from Blush Destin (it’s sold out now, similar here), because it’s perfect with 70 degree daytime temps and will work into the summer to throw on over my swimsuit after the beach. You know how chilly […]


Beauty Sleep with Violet Hour Fashion

Violet Hour Fashion

Willie Chemise (c/o Violet Hour Fashion) After a long day at work the first thing I do is wash my face and change into my sleepwear. I love nothing more than to wash off the day before settling in for the evening. I’ve never been one to skip on sleep and honestly can’t remember a time that I’ve ever stayed up all night. Since I am such a lover of my beauty sleep, I want to share with you how I go about relaxing before bedtime. It’s clear that in the world of constantly refreshing social media feeds, bright iPhone and iPad screens, and general stressors throughout the day can really temper with our sleep. I find that by unplugging and sticking to a nightly routine, I am able to quiet all that noise and sleep soundly. Here’s how I prepare for a good nights sleep: Drink Tea: At about 8:30pm every night, I turn to my tea kettle and prepare some hot water. I enjoy a cup of tea while I finish watching a tv show. I feel comforted and warm while drinking my tea snuggled under a blanket! I try to always drink tea to wind down as opposed to wine […]


Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Ideas

Inexpensive Valentine's Day Ideas

In case this month has already gotten ahead of you, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow which means not even Amazon Prime can help now! I am only kidding but a true believer in the fact that gifts are not the only way to show thoughtfulness. Therefore, with just hours until the day made for lovers, I wanted to share some fun and inexpensive ways to surprise your love this Valentine’s Day! If you’ve not already thought of something, take a note from this post and understand that women honestly only care about time spent together. Nothing else in the world matters! Here are 5 inexpensive ideas to show some love this Valentine’s Day: Write a Card: Your significant other will more than appreciate a well thought-out, hand-written card expressing what he/she means to you. Some may think that a simple card is not enough but if the words written come from the heart than I certainly think that’s better than any gift out there! Cook Dinner: Date night dinners are always expensive. Throw in the fact that it’s Valentine’s Day and every restaurant turns to a fixed menu with a very pricey bill attached to it. Forgo this option that will derail […]


Scalloped Suede for Valentine’s Day

Scalloped Suede for Valentine's Day

Scalloped Suede Dress | Purse (similar) | Heels (similar) | Watch | Sunglasses (similar) Love is certainly in the air this February as Valentine’s Day approaches next week! Although any girl loves to be spoiled with flowers, gifts and chocolate on this special day of the year, we also appreciate those simple date nights just as much (at least I know I do!). Whether your husband is taking you to the nicest restaurant in town or ordering Chinese food to stay home and watch This Is Us (which requires strictly loungewear), always remember it’s the thought that counts. However, if you are hitting the town this weekend or on Tuesday to celebrate a fun, flirty dress is a must! I found this scalloped suede dress at one of my favorite local spots, The Dressing Room Boutique, and had an actual heart-eye emoji moment. I like this dress because it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day without being TOO Valentine’s Day if you know what I mean. This dress doesn’t glare with shades of pink of red but remains feminine and sweet deeming it great for date night in general. I decided to add a pop of leopard with my watch and a touch of pink […]


Let’s Get Local: Style by Kimberly

Style by Kimberly

I can’t tell you how many times I approach my closet and just stand there thinking, “what should I wear?” However, after meeting with Kim of Style by Kimberly, I learned this is not only my problem but a problem for most women. It was very clear that sometimes all it takes is a fresh set of eyes and an open mind to refresh one’s style. I’ve personally never worked with a stylist and oh my gosh, you guys… it’s SO worth it. We started by going through an extremely detailed questionnaire (you know I loved that!) about my closet and what I like to wear on a typical day. Then, we had the best time pulling item after item from my closet, pairing with something expected and then adding something unexpected. As Kim put it, “style is in the unexpected.” I love this idea and appreciated the challenge to step out in more color, like a fun pair of bright shoes! However, she didn’t just make suggestions of how to step out in the unexpected rather she showed me how to do just that with items I already have and love. Her philosophy around styling clients focuses on the fact that it’s attainable and affordable. […]


Valentine’s Day: Gift Guide for Her

Valentine's Day: Gift Guide for Her

Nasty Galaxy | Beach Towel | Totes Y’all Phone Holder | Portable Speaker | Bracelet It’s not that gifts define the amount of love in our relationship, but they sure are fun to give and receive. With Valentine’s Day next week, I wanted to share a few notable ideas for the guys out there with no idea of what to get for their wife, girlfriend or bestie who just happens to be a girl. I am only saying this because I fall victim to it all the time but the truth of the matter is that our husbands are not mind-readers! So do yourself (and him) a favor and shoot this little gift guide his way haha. Here’s what I’d like to receive and not to generalize here, but I am sure any girl could make use of the following items. Here’s why: Coffee Table Book– Not only are coffee table books adorable to display in accordance with home decor, they also make taking those precious Instagram photos easier in most cases. If your girl loves to fill her social media feed with the things she loves, this book or one like it will be sure to make her smile! Beach/Pool Towel– Think functionality […]


Silver & Gold Boutique Floral Bomber Jacket

Silver & Gold Boutique Floral Bomber

Floral Bomber (c/o Silver & Gold Boutique) | Knit Slipdress | Heels | Sunglasses (similar) I was chatting with one of my best friends the other day about my anticipation for February. In wondering why we were so excited for the month we determined it’s because February is the doorway to spring! Isn’t that so true and promising! January and the pressure of New Year’s resolutions have subsided while February and Valentine’s Day make their way back into our lives. Whether you have a Valentine or not, I feel like no one can argue with eating chocolate… am I right? As spring approaches quickly, I know I find myself fighting the urge to pack away those black skinny jeans and moto boots in exchange for more airy attire asap. But even here in Florida where we’ve had unseasonably warm temps, I have to remind myself “not so fast!” With transitional wear on my mind, which for me is always a key staple in my closet (#alwaysfreezing), I knew I had to have this floral bomber jacket the second I saw it. As temperatures continue to rise, it’s to. die. for. over something simple like this knit slipdress. Furthermore, the jacket pairs well with boyfriend […]


Host a House Guest + Guest Bedroom Preview

Host a House Guest

Bedding (similar) Since moving to Florida, we’ve loved to have family visit regularly. We are so lucky to live in a vacation destination and welcome guests with open arms always! I am not claiming to be an expert in hosting a house guest by any means. However, I simply consider what I like to have while I travel and what makes my trip enjoyable. I try to incorporate those aspects into our guest bedroom to ensure our guests enjoy their stay. Here are some simple tips to ensure your guests are comfortable when they visit: Designate a Guest Space- Whether you have an extra bedroom or not, it’s important to predetermine a space in your house specifically for your guests. If they are going to be sleeping on the couch, it’s nice to arrange the couch as a bed, complete with the fitted sheet to the comforter and pillows. I feel like guests don’t mind where they sleep, but it’s nice to ensure they feel comfortable staying. Luckily, we were able to get a two bedroom house allowing us to designate a guest room that remains as such. Some touches in the space include a comfy bed, dresser drawers with […]


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