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Midi Dress | Clutch (sold out, similar) | Shoes (similar) For whatever reason the past two weeks have simply flown by! I probably say this every single time another month passes but I am actually in shock that it’s AUGUST. Usually by the first Friday of a new month, I am organized (which is my favorite thing to be)! Our grocery list is checked off, the budget is set, my blog schedule is planned and this month I am just not there. For whatever reason, August totally snuck up on me and I am ready for a weekend to reset. However, on Wednesday I touched briefly on the fact that although fall will be here soon for the rest of the United States, it seems like the summer heat might never subside here in Florida. Therefore, I can’t fully transition my closet into fall mode. Back when I lived in Denver, this was a totally appropriate time to do that so I feel like I am confused haha. How do I emulate fall when the temperatures aren’t reflecting my favorite season? Well after some thought my plan is to put my fun prints and bright tops aside and focus on textured, neutral […]


Currently Coveting: August


1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6. August has taken on a whole new meaning for me living in Florida… it means that vacation season is almost over as school is about to be back in session. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the benefits of tourism but I am going to be very thankful for a break in the traffic. With school starting soon, we also welcome the back-to-school fashions that are centralized around the idea of leaves turning from green to brown and pumpkin spice lattes in hand! Unfortunately (or not) for me, it’s still 100 degrees and 100% humidity here. So although I love fall just as much as the next girl, I seriously can’t even consider the thought of bundling up at this point of the year. I feel like the last week of July hit and all focus shifted to warm clothes. For me, this space is a reflection of my personal day-to-day life and style, so although I understand it’s essential to keep up with the seasons as they come in the fashion realm… I am going to pump the brakes for now because I don’t think I’ll need fall […]


Party Shoes


Dress (similar) | Pom Pom Sandals: c/o Blush Destin If I could add that I have a knack for planning parties to my resume, I would! I think it’s one of my favorite things to do. In college, I was the Event Chair of my sorority and at my first real job I also served as the President of the E.L.F (Employees Love Fun) Committee. It doesn’t get more hilarious than that, right? But truly, it’s my thing! The biggest party I’ve ever planned was our wedding and it was the most fun undertaking ever for me. There’s just something about watching all your planning and coordination come together in a manner by which people are enjoying themselves. That’s what I love most! So, here’s my formula for hosting an event large or small: Determine a Theme In college, I coordinated weekly “swaps” which were themed parties with other sororities and fraternities. Thinking about it now I can’t believe we would have a swap in the middle of the week… oh how life has changed. Anyways, the best part about a swap was the theme and going all out in dressing up. There’s nothing like a party with a good […]


Making a New Community Home


Doormat Due to the nature of Mack’s profession we have the opportunity to move around quite a bit. Personally, I love it! I look it as a chance to live in not only a number of different places, but perhaps in a location that we would not pick out on a map. As silly as it sounds, it really is an adventure and we are so fortunate to have one another and our two puppies because that’s truly home– no matter where we live. In our three moves so far, I feel like I’ve finally figured out how to make a new community feel like home rather quickly. Now, this is coming from the girl who left Colorado for Mississippi not knowing one person- so part of me thinks I was just destined for this type of life. But if that’s not you, here are three simple ways that I think anyone can integrate into a new community. Get a Job The first thing I do when we move to a new place is job hunt! Honestly, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing- as long as you love it. Sure the additional paycheck each month is a bonus in itself […]


Watercolor Longhorn Dress


Dress (sold out, similar here & here) | Earrings | Shoes (similar) After helping my brother move last weekend, I needed a relaxing Sunday night. Naturally, I wanted to watch a Nicholas Sparks movie (Mack is always such a good sport). We watched The Choice and if you haven’t seen it, it’s really good but I am also a sucker for anything Nicholas Sparks! The movie is about how every choice we make, good or bad, takes us to the exact moment where we are and life is just one big series of choices. When you really think about that, it’s so TRUE! Lately I’ve been feeling old. I mentioned recently that Mack and I started the search for our first home. Like am I old enough to be looking at homes to purchase? The realtor and bank tell me, “yes” but it’s a big choice! And for someone who is extremely particular (cue blog name) I know it’s going to take awhile to find my dream home, or so I think anyways. I feel like this is one of those defining choices so I am nervous about it and want to make the best choice possible. Regardless, in an attempt […]


Weekend in Mississippi


  This past weekend I helped my older brother move to Mississippi! Now as most of you know, the state of Mississippi is close to my heart as I graduated from Ole Miss. Oxford is a great little college town that’s perfectly Southern- housing the the best tailgate ever, The Grove, and in my opinion the best little local stores and restaurants on The Square. Due to this thought process, I hate to admit that I very rarely (actually never) ventured out of Oxford except to fly out of the airport in Jackson or Memphis just a number of times. Well this weekend changed that and I now regretting my lack of local travel throughout my four years at Ole Miss. This weekend I discovered, Clinton, home of Mississippi College. Although we were so busy unpacking and organizing, we took Saturday afternoon to explore and I am so glad we did. Clinton reminded me of Oxford but on a smaller scale and it was ADORABLE! I wish I had taken more photos to truly capture how picturesque this place is but we were in a rush. In the short time we were there we had the opportunity to eat at […]


Entertain Outdoors


Plates | Rolling Cooler | Straws | Cups | Tablecloth The Fourth of July weekend marks the unofficial start to outdoor entertaining for me! Last weekend Mack spent time by the grill while I made cookies (#naturally) while waiting for the fireworks to begin. Luckily for us, we live near the city park that launches the fireworks which made an outdoor evening a no-brainer. Now, our dogs did get very scared by the fireworks so we moved inside. But as I prepped for our outdoor evening, I wanted to share what I think you must-have for those summer nights you when invite friends over. I am going to do an elaborate post about party planning in general here soon so for right now we will stick to the outdoor aspect. First things first, nix any and all glassware! Whether it’s a large gust of wind or just a friendly bump into the table, glassware and outdoor events don’t mix in my book. I recently shattered a lightbulb on our porch and let’s just say that I spent about two hours with a broom in fear that any tiny shard of lightbulb would cut one of my puppies paws. In order […]


Coffee Date


Top | Shorts (similar) | Earrings | Shoes (c/o Blush Destin) I grew up in a suburb of Denver and only truly started to appreciate the charm of towns sprinkled with locally owned businesses when I left Colorado for Mississippi to attend Ole Miss. I remember everyone (literally EVERYONE) asked me why I was leaving Colorado for the South? Well let me just say that it was the best decision I ever made. The only reason I even applied is because my Dad thought I would love it- I hate to admit it now but seriously our parents are always right and we should listen to them haha. Anyways, even though I am a Colorado native, Colorado was never really me. But it will always be home and for that I am thankful. Truth be told, I would have never known this if I didn’t leave and live in a place that was new and totally different. Although there was a period of adjustment, I’ve come to appreciate all that exploring new places can offer. Since graduating from Ole Miss, the thing I miss most is the food. and of course, The Grove. I find myself dreaming about Big Bad Breakfast […]


Lemon Top + Sangria Recipe


Lemon Top: c/o Blush Destin | Jeans: Similar | Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger There is a such a wonderful feeling about a three day weekend that settles in on Sunday afternoon with the realization that Monday won’t be your typical Monday. Instead, an entire extra day filled with family, friends, barbecues and fireworks while celebrating America’s independence!  If you’ve ever been to Florida’s Emerald Coast over the Fourth of July weekend, then you know that the roads are at a stand still with traffic. It doesn’t matter what direction or time of day, the roads are packed with people headed to the beach. Therefore, Mack and I have so far enjoyed a weekend at home- and it’s been the best! Now I’ve made it pretty clear that although I am not Martha Stewart by any means, if it comes to making drinks or baking desserts, I am willing to spend the time and energy creating something delicious. I don’t know why this doesn’t quite translate into a desire to make dinners but here’s to hoping. Luckily for me, Mack is in charge of the grill and I handle the fun part! On Saturday, the scorching heat prompted the dire need for […]


Summer Lace


Dress | Shoes | Purse (similar) I don’t know about you but in the summertime I am more prone to get out and about. Unlike the fall and especially the winter when I find myself happiest at home, under a blanket with tea in hand, the warm weather awakens this side of me that loves to break my routine. Since we live in the most beautiful location ever, I am so excited to explore and find some new local spots to call our favorite and enjoy throughout the summer months. Obviously, I am on the hunt for the best brunch spot, best patio for happy hour and the best queso dip and spicy margarita in our community. This sounds like the perfect summer to-do list to me being as it’s our first summer as Florida locals. From brunch to shopping and even sipping a margarita, it’s no surprise that I am drawn to a good white dress as explained here (you really NEED a lot of white dresses living in Florida), but this little lace number is just perfection for summer time when plans are always on the fly. Not only is it super light it also features scalloped lace detailing […]


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