LC Runway Ruffle Romper

LC Lauren Conrad Runway Ruffle Romper

Romper | Shoes | Sunglasses I am so happy that today is Friday! I mentioned that last weekend Mack and I attended my sorority sisters wedding and it was SO FUN. However, a weekend filled with celebration, friends and laughing to no end, doesn’t allow much time for sleep. Therefore, this week started off on a tired note that has been hard to overcome. However, I would take a hundred tired weeks if it meant that I could laugh with my friends every single weekend! Okay, now onto THIS ruffle romper! I share a lot of LC Lauren Conrad clothing because it’s adorable and priced very well. I highlighted this velvet and tulle dress from her Runway Collection last year and was anticipating the release of this years styles. Each item does not disappoint… if I could afford to order all of it, I would! Silk, ruffles, suede, deep tones balanced by muted neutrals, I mean IT’S GOOD. In selecting my favorite piece to purchase (after a long time of staring at the collection online to narrow it down), I finally decided on this ruffle romper. I think a black romper is appropriate for many occasions. What sets this romper apart however are the […]


Let’s Get Local: Blush Destin


Outfit details in this post, here! Due to the fact that I am obsessed with our new community, I want to highlight my favorite pieces of it and the people behind-the-scenes that make it great! I’ve always loved to blog and want to find a way to bring my blog into our local community now we that we are settled in a more permanent place. I previously touched on my respect for communities that value locally owned businesses so that will be the main focus of these highlights. I plan to shed light on my favorite boutiques, restaurants and more on Florida’s Emerald Coast from Destin to 30A. Living and working in this beautiful location is such a gift so I want to find a way to give back in some capacity. This is the best way I know how to do it, spread the word about the places I frequent most and why I love them. Of course, I am going to start off by highlighting one of my favorite locally owned boutiques, Blush Destin, owned by Morgan Liveoak. Not only is the clothing adorable and on-trend always, the prices are budget-friendly (who doesn’t love that?). Furthermore, you may remember awhile […]


A Place to Call Home: Offers and Contracts

offers and contracts for first time home buyers

If the title of this post alone doesn’t make you think #adulting than I don’t know what will! This is where we get into the nitty gritty of actually purchasing and all the details and particulars of doing so. Hopefully this information will help you tread the waters that we recently figured out step by step with the help of our realtor and parent’s advice of course. Last week, I talked about the process of actually viewing homes and finding one that could potentially be the dream home. There is no magic number on the amount of homes to view before it’s “okay” to make an offer. Mack and I looked at about ten before offering but we felt like it was the right home for us- and it clearly is! Regardless, when you feel like you’ve found the home for you, the most logical next step is to make an offer. The point when we actually offered on our home made me extremely nervous but also excited! Mack and I recently attended a free marriage conference hosted by our church and at the conference the speaker touched on the fact that you actually have very few large discussions to make in […]


Bell Sleeves + Frayed Hem Jeans

bell sleeve blouse and frayed hem jeans

Blouse & Jeans c/o Blush Destin (shop the blouse here and the jeans here) | Shoes | Sunglasses (similar) Sometimes I find the most effortless outfits look the best. Case and point this bell sleeve blouse and this pair of frayed hem jeans! Furthermore, I love when unexpected pieces pair perfectly together. The relaxed, ripped and frayed appeal of these jeans is balanced by a feminine, detailed, bell sleeve blouse seamlessly. I envisioned this outfit, threw it on for date night and didn’t have to change. This is big news in our house considering on any given day, I change my outfit at least three times before leaving the house (does this happen to anyone else?). But this outfit came together without question and what a relief that was! I am keeping it short and sweet today since my home series posts have been on the longer side thus far. If you’re interested, read about how we started the process to buying home and our experience while viewing homes for sale. I will continue this series on Monday! This weekend Mack and I are attending my sorority sister’s wedding and we can’t wait! The welcome party kicks off tonight and I can hardly wait to […]


Pre-Holiday Gift Guide

Pre-Holiday Gift Guide for her and him

her: Watch | Candle | Notebook | Tweezers him: Watch | Shampoo | Socks | Shaving Kit It’s mid-October which means that all of our minds are focused on what we should be for Halloween? Except for me, because Mack and I usually just stay home and hope to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters. We always overbuy candy and tend to get just a handful of eager kids. The forces us to give the last few that come by an entire bag of candy (sorry parents!) because if we don’t, we will just eat it all. Maybe this year will be different in our new home! We will wait to see! However, it’s mid-October which also means the holidays are seriously right around the corner. There’s no better time than the present to face that reality and start making your gift list for family and friends. I thought I would get a jump start myself so I pulled some great options for her and him. I want to share in hopes this would get your wheels turning on your pre-holiday gift guide. I touched on the fact that I prefer gifts that I use almost daily over anything else in my […]


A Place to Call Home: Shop Around


Faux Fur Pillow | Acrylic Chair (similar and I also like this one) Last week, I detailed how to start the process of purchasing a home. I linked it here in case you missed it! Now, onto the fun part of home buying which is shopping around for the perfect home. I wanted to title this post, “Window Shopping” but thought it might be confusing. When my cousin and I were little, our Mom’s would bring us to the mall to “window shop” aka look but we aren’t buying anything today. My mom took me to LA when I was like ten years old and we went to do just that on Rodeo Drive. We went into Jimmy Choo and my Mom turned her head for one minute and I was putting a display shoe on my ten year old foot. She was MORTIFIED. I can remember it like it yesterday and she made it very clear to me that “window shopping” on Rodeo literally meant don’t touch anything. I felt like viewing homes for sale was much like “window shopping” in that you have to be imaginative and it’s best not to touch anything haha. After we hired our realtor, she […]


Everyday LBD

Everyday Little Black Dress

LBD (sold out, LOVE this one) | Necklace | Watch I am learning quickly just how challenging it is to dress for the season and the weather when those things don’t exactly align. See what I am talking about here! Transitional wear is hard to balance when the mornings and evenings are on the cool side but midday mimics summer-like temps. How do you plan for that? We all know I love a good plan haha. I’ve always been one to layer clothing but over these past few days in particular, I’ve found myself putting my layers on then taking them off quickly. I just can’t seem to get my attire and temperature in sync with the climate outdoors. In the summer time, my go-to everyday outfit was either a lightweight jumpsuit or romper. Literally, they were the only thing comfortable enough to wear all day at work while bearing the heat (and by bearing the heat, I mean walking to and from the parking lot haha). Because I don’t think it’s acceptable to wear a palm print jumpsuit in October, I’ve been on the search for a replacement piece to my summer uniform that suits the fluctuating temperatures throughout the day. I wore this black dress, that […]


Bringing Fall to Florida

white pumpkins bring fall to florida

It’s crazy to see where this year has taken us! At this time last year we were in the process of a cross-country move and traveling to see family along the way (and we picked up our little Tiger). It seems we love to move around this time of year. I keep telling Mack how much I am itching to go to New York City and then head up to Connecticut to visit family, pick apples, drink apple cider and most importantly eat the apple cider doughnuts from Blue Jay Orchard. However, since we just purchased a home, the timing is not right as we need to get settled and organized here. Therefore, I am desperate to bring fall into my life no matter what the weather may be suggesting in Florida. We did have a recent break from the heat when a “cold front” passed through over the weekend. Temperatures were down in the 60’s in the morning and evening and you better believe I wore a turtleneck sweater to celebrate! This front made me more excited than ever about the weather cooling down. I hope it’s here to stay! My favorite ways to welcome fall include; watching Hocus Pocus on repeat, carving pumpkins, eat […]


A Place to Call Home: Get Started

start the process to buy a home as a first time home buyer

Marble Tray (similar) | Magnifying Glass (similar) | iPad Case (similar) In case you missed the news, Mack and I purchased our first home! It is such a crazy feeling to be an actual homeowner. I talked about our home search here and how I don’t feel old enough to be a homeowner but now I am one so where does that leave me? I am just kidding haha. We are in love with our new home and the ability to make it our own, create memories, and are thankful to have a safe place to lay our heads at night. We know it is such a blessing to be able to purchase a home and we are grateful to no end! Throughout our search however, I spent more time on the phone with my parents than usual (and I talk to them A LOT). The increased communication was mostly due to questions that I had because I felt like there was not a ton of information out there for first time homebuyers and what to expect (if you google, you will get uninteresting articles filled with real estate jargon). I imagined this dream/movie-like situation where you sign one golden page and you […]


Outfit Guide: Fall Wedding Weekend


Cut-Out Dress | Off the Shoulder Dress | Lace Dress | Maroon Dress | Olive Dress | Gray Dress One of my college sorority sisters is getting married next month in Seaside, FL and I am so excited to see her get married! I am also so happy to see my college friends again. I feel like I talk about it a ton but I miss them all so much. Living in the sorority house my junior year at Ole Miss always reminds me of the most hilarious and best memories with my girlfriends. No one tells you that when you graduate you will not only have to work a 9-5 but that your friends will move all around the country and it will be so hard to coordinate schedules and get everyone together. I am telling you… don’t listen to your parents when they say you MUST graduate in four years haha (sorry Mom and Dad)! So, it’s very clear that I am so happy to reconnect with my long lost besties! Anyways, I realized I haven’t done a post detailing attire to wear to every event that revolves around a wedding these days. From the welcome party to Sunday Brunch and everything […]


The Details Delivered

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