The Sweetest End to Summer


  Dress (similar) | Shoes | Clutch (similar) | Sunglasses As next Friday marks the official end to summer, I want to share one final look that served me well this season. From work to barbecues (usually on Fridays), this gingham dress kept me comfortable and cute. But with fall just around the corner there is SO much to look forward to, as expressed here earlier this week! In more important news… you may remember awhile back when I shared that Mack and I began the look at homes to purchase here in Florida. Well, I am so thrilled to share with you all that we not only found one, but closed on it yesterday (it’s not in the photo above)! I wanted to wait to share until everything was final because let me tell you, home buying is no joke. There is so much that goes into it and a lot that can change from the initial offer to the final closing day. However, it all worked out and we are beyond thankful to be homeowners. I can’t even believe those words as I write them but it’s true! I can’t think of a more dream come true way to end one […]


Currently Coveting: September


Sunglasses | Sweater | Velvet Vest | Denim Dress | Midi Dress | Black Jeans | Booties I’ve noticed two changes in Florida that are ever so slightly hinting at fall and I am SO EXCITED. First of all, without fail every single morning Rebel and Tiger wake me up at 6:00am to go to the restroom. In the last week or so, I’ve noticed that the sun is slower to rise in the morning which means the days are becoming shorter. This shouldn’t make me happy but it so does! Also, Mack and I walked “the boys” (haha that’s what we call our dogs) the other evening and there was a cool breeze in the air. Although it’s still humid and heavy during the day there are tiny changes occurring that I am noticing in a big way! Not to mention, I got a pumpkin shaped sugar cookie at Starbucks yesterday which is an obvious signal that it’s time to switch our mindset from beach-wave hair to blank scarfs and booties. With all of that being said, I compiled the best September items to wear this month and into the fall. Each item can be worn now with the versatility to last all […]


Outfit Guide: Grove


 Alabama | Georgia | Memphis | Arkansas | LSU| Auburn | Georgia Southern | Texas A&M | Vanderbilt | Mississippi State Before attending Ole Miss, I had never even set foot in the deep south. Since graduating, I think I tell Mack every other day how much I miss Oxford and how we must raise our family in the south. I love it so much! In my four years at Ole Miss, I learned that there is serious pride associated with being from the south and I like that. Furthermore, the preservation of small town life, locally owned businesses and tight-knit families are what continue to stand out to me since leaving Mississippi. Also, the coined phrase about “southern hospitality” is a real thing and I experienced just that time and time again during my time in Mississippi. I am thankful for my time at Ole Miss and even more thankful for the new perspective it gave me on different parts of our country. In addition to all of the qualities listed above, there are two more identifiable values that weigh heavy in the south and that’s SEC football and the fashion that follows each game. Ole Miss is specifically recognized for the […]


Black Romper + Camo Jacket

Black Romper_2 Resize

Romper | Jacket  (similar) | Shoes (similar) | Necklace | Sunglasses Although fall doesn’t technically start until the end of this month I’ve been studying up on the upcoming trends and I must say I am in LOVE. I know that New York Fashion Week is currently going on so I can’t wait to see what inspiration comes out of the shows. In the meantime, I can be certain that I will embrace fall florals, touches of velvet and of course, the military trend. I actually got this cute little jacket a few years ago but at the time I felt like camo was really far fetched. So far fetched that I even had people ask me if it was Mack’s jacket. Have you seen my husband? Nothing and I mean nothing that fits him would ever fit me. But that’s beside the point because now, it’s a thing! I love this jacket paired with a simple black romper because I like the idea of incorporating menswear with basics. However, I don’t want to be confused with the idea that I may be going hunting as camo usually implies. That’s something I have never and venture to say will never do! However, when paired with […]


Friendship Frills

Friendship Frills

Cards | Confetti | Chapstick | Emergency Kit Wednesdays after a holiday weekend are just confusing because it feels like Tuesday but in fact, we’ve made it halfway through the week! I am thankful but feeling out of my usual week routine. This could be due to the fact that I watched the Ole Miss game on Monday night (so so sad!) instead of Bachelor in Paradise so I am just confused overall about what day it is based on my reality television schedule. How. Embarrassing. Anyways, yesterday in speaking with a customer at work I touched on the fact that I am so thankful for the friends I’ve made here in Florida so far. Although there aren’t many (about 3 to be exact), they mean more to me than they will ever know. Moving is hard and finding a place to fit in is even harder. But luckily I was able to transition easier than I expected and I know it’s due to these sweet friends. Spending time and sharing laughs with my new friends sometimes make me miss my two lifelong best friends. We literally couldn’t be further apart if we tried; one is in California, the other […]


September New Year


If you follow along here often, you’ve probably noticed a trend on Little Mrs. Particular and that’s the fact that I refer to the Today Show all the time. I am a girl of routine and I love my mornings spent drinking coffee and catching up on the news. Last week, they discussed the mindset to reset again with school starting. Like a second “New Year” but more than half way through the year, to reevaluate and start fresh. They exhibited the fact that fresh school supplies, a new classroom, teacher and more encourage a new found sense of, “this is my year!” for those headed back to school. Although I am no longer in school, I have this same sense of a September New Year. In case you haven’t already noticed, Little Mrs. Particular had a little face lift! After over a year of curating content in this space, I wanted to update and enable it to be a better resource for those who follow along!  I am beyond grateful to Kaylyn of The Weir House for taking my vision and making it a reality here in this new space. I hope you like the new look and features! Anyways, I hope you’re […]


Olive Cold Shoulder Sweater

Olive Sweater_1 Resize

Sweater & Shoes: c/o Blush Destin, sold out | Jeans (similar) | Sunnies After exactly one week of watching the world’s most athletic compete, usually while drinking wine (seems about right), I decided that shooting photos of this sweater in August deserves a gold medal. Thank goodness for the cut-out shoulder because this girl needed a breeze! Seriously, have you all been keeping up with the Olympics? I can’t get enough of it. Quite frankly, I am thankful to turn on my television after work and just leave it on all night until I go to sleep, no matter what I am doing. I find that with my normal shows, especially those that I typically watch (i.e. The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, Housewives, and the list goes on…) I get irritated with the background noise if I am not engaged and watching. But this just doesn’t happen to me with these competitions going on. It doesn’t matter the sport, if I am across the room I will cheer for whichever Team USA member is competing in that moment. Even for shooting, at first I was unamused and within ten minutes I was yelling at the television and cheering on Virginia Thrasher of […]


Morning Routine

Morning Routine Resize

I am sure you’ve all seen the images on Instagram and elsewhere depicting a little spin on Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself lyrics… “Dear Monday, my mama don’t like you and she likes everyone.” Well I think some of us can agree that this is how we feel about mornings. I am a morning person if and only if I go to bed early, I am talking not a minute past 9 o’clock. But I am never waking up like Cinderella at 5 o’clock singing with birds chipping around my head. Sometimes I try, but the fact of the matter is just that I like to sleep a little longer in the morning. But extra snuggles with Rebel and Tiger, watching the Today Show and of course walking the doggies all before work, leaves me frazzled and rushing out of the door to start my day. To combat this reality, I commit to a few simple steps that simplify my process to get out of the door in the morning that seriously keep me sane (and let me get a few extra z’s too)! Prep the Night Before I always tidy up right before bedtime and complete some quick tasks that make a huge […]


Crochet Midi


Midi Dress | Clutch (sold out, similar) | Shoes (similar) For whatever reason the past two weeks have simply flown by! I probably say this every single time another month passes but I am actually in shock that it’s AUGUST. Usually by the first Friday of a new month, I am organized (which is my favorite thing to be)! Our grocery list is checked off, the budget is set, my blog schedule is planned and this month I am just not there. For whatever reason, August totally snuck up on me and I am ready for a weekend to reset. However, on Wednesday I touched briefly on the fact that although fall will be here soon for the rest of the United States, it seems like the summer heat might never subside here in Florida. Therefore, I can’t fully transition my closet into fall mode. Back when I lived in Denver, this was a totally appropriate time to do that so I feel like I am confused haha. How do I emulate fall when the temperatures aren’t reflecting my favorite season? Well after some thought my plan is to put my fun prints and bright tops aside and focus on textured, neutral […]


Currently Coveting: August

Currently Coveting- August edit

Tailgate Queen (similar) | Watch | Jean Jacket | White Jeans | Booties | Leggings August has taken on a whole new meaning for me living in Florida… it means that vacation season is almost over as school is about to be back in session. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the benefits of tourism but I am going to be very thankful for a break in the traffic. With school starting soon, we also welcome the back-to-school fashions that are centralized around the idea of leaves turning from green to brown and pumpkin spice lattes in hand! Unfortunately (or not) for me, it’s still 100 degrees and 100% humidity here. So although I love fall just as much as the next girl, I seriously can’t even consider the thought of bundling up at this point of the year. I feel like the last week of July hit and all focus shifted to warm clothes. For me, this space is a reflection of my personal day-to-day life and style, so although I understand it’s essential to keep up with the seasons as they come in the fashion realm… I am going to pump the brakes for now because I don’t […]


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