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Bachelorette Party Welcome Bags

Bachelorette Party Welcome Bags

Personalized Bags | White Girl Sunscreen | Disco Ball Cups If you follow me on Instagram then you know that this past weekend was big deal! We celebrated my cousin’s bachelorette party in Miami which was so much fun! For those that don’t already know, Larisa and I are a few months apart, grew up less than 20 miles apart and attended high school together. She’s more than my bestie because she’s family! Needless to say, this weekend was one for the record books. And although I couldn’t keep up with her, it was still so much fun to laugh and celebrate the bride! I am so excited for her bridal shower soon and then of course the wedding! Gosh, so much to look forward to! All of that to say, I wanted to help with her bachelorette party in the only way I knew how to- welcome bags haha! While her older sister and besties had the accommodations, activities and reservations booked, I took to Etsy and my favorite store, Blush Destin, and got to planning a fun treat for all those in attendance. Due to the fact that we were in Miami, I went with a beach theme without […]


Pack for Girls Weekend + Playlist

Pack for Girls Weekend

Mules | Wedges (similar) | Rock Stud Heels Happy Monday! I am extra sleepy today as I travel back from my cousin’s bachelorette party in Miami. It was such a fun girls weekend celebrating the soon-to-be Mrs. As I packed on Friday morning (seriously so unlike me to leave it until the last minute), I wanted to share what I packed with you all since it was very limited. See, we surprised the girls with really cute welcome bags (more on these Wednesday) but this left me with no packing space for clothing, shoes, and the list goes on! With all the welcome bag materials in a massive rolling suitcase, I opted for a weekender bag for all of my items! I don’t know how I did it but I did…. with limited space and a clear plan of outfits, I managed to fit everything I needed. Here’s what I packed with no room to spare: 2 swimsuits and 2 pool/beach outfits– I knew our days would be spent pool side or at the beach so I didn’t worry too much about packing actual outfits for Saturday and Sunday. Rather, I threw in 2 adorable swimsuits, this suit (top & bottom) was my fav. […]


Bridesmaid Dress by Azazie

Azazie Bridesmaid Dress

Azazie Iman Dress in Dusty Rose We all know that I have a deep love of weddings. Not only due to my own wedding, but I truly enjoy witnessing such a monumental event in a couple’s life! Since our wedding last June, I’ve attended a number of weddings and they are so much fun because happy memories flood my mind, while I get to celebrate another couples love, amongst their family and friends. In my opinion, it is impossible to be anything but joyful at a wedding! Since my days of being the Bride have concluded, my focus has shifted and I am looking forward to a few 2017 weddings in which I get to be a bridesmaid. If I am being honest, this is the best gig! Not only do I get to be pampered all morning typically with a mimosa in hand, I get to stand along side the Bride as she says, “I do!”- what an honor! A common stress factor for most Brides (myself included at the time) is WHAT to have each bridesmaid wear? Furthermore, will the dress fit properly? This was something that my dear bridesmaids kept from me until after the wedding (bless them)! Sadly, a number of them had fit […]


Outfit Guide: Fall Wedding Weekend


Cut-Out Dress | Off the Shoulder Dress | Lace Dress | Maroon Dress | Olive Dress | Gray Dress One of my college sorority sisters is getting married next month in Seaside, FL and I am so excited to see her get married! I am also so happy to see my college friends again. I feel like I talk about it a ton but I miss them all so much. Living in the sorority house my junior year at Ole Miss always reminds me of the most hilarious and best memories with my girlfriends. No one tells you that when you graduate you will not only have to work a 9-5 but that your friends will move all around the country and it will be so hard to coordinate schedules and get everyone together. I am telling you… don’t listen to your parents when they say you MUST graduate in four years haha (sorry Mom and Dad)! So, it’s very clear that I am so happy to reconnect with my long lost besties! Anyways, I realized I haven’t done a post detailing attire to wear to every event that revolves around a wedding these days. From the welcome party to Sunday Brunch and everything […]


Gifts for the Bride-to-Be

Gifts for the Bride-to-Be Edit

Hat | Mrs. Box | Mrs. Tote | Bride Kit | Bling Brush I am not going to lie, I miss being the BRIDE! Planning our wedding last year was my favorite to-do. I even think to myself and wonder if I should try to be a wedding planner someday because I loved it that much. Don’t get me wrong, at times it was stressful, but the fun always outweighed the stress for me. I know that’s not the case for most brides so almost one year later, I want to share with you all what got me through the planing process and how planning a wedding actually applies to real life. This may be a stretch, I know, but practical application of wedding details such as decision making, budgets and help from others taught me SO much. Like anything in life, from a job interview to selecting your wedding venue, make sure you do the research. I would tirelessly research prices, compare amenities, stock peoples photos who had used the vendor, venue, whatever until I knew every detail and had compiled a list of a million questions to ask. This not only helped me to make an educated decision about whatever the […]


Wedding Season with Frock Swap


Dress: Ted Baker via Frock Swap | Shoes: LC Lauren Conrad (similar) | Clutch: Stella & Dot Today marks our eleven month wedding anniversary! I can’t believe it’s almost been an entire year since Mack and I said, “I do!” I remember it more clearly than yesterday and know the memories and feelings surrounding that day will be something I cherish forever. Although our wedding day was undoubtedly the best day of my life, I find that I am so lucky to be Mack’s wife each and every day. It doesn’t matter if we are binge watching The Blacklist (I know, it’s kinda scary but addicting!) or attending a friend’s wedding… we are happy to just be! Six months after our wedding, Mack’s older sister got married in Texas. I have to tell you, Mack and I had the BEST time! The first wedding you attend as Mr. & Mrs. is so much fun because you are still giddy and get all the wedding feels but you have NONE of the stress or excited nerves. We are looking forward to more fun in the coming months as we attend a number of weddings for our dear friends! By April our entire refrigerator was […]


Wedding Recap: Our Highlight Video

Videographer I am beyond thrilled to share our highlight video with each of you! This video portrays the day in a unique light that allows us to relive our wedding day time and time again. I am so very thankful to have this footage! I can’t get enough of the little details that are caught on film such as; me laughing with Mack during our photos, the joy shared by our family and friends, and simply the visual of the overall warmth and love felt throughout the entire day. I hope you enjoy sharing in our day!


Wedding Recap: Reception

To help me through the wedding planning process and the stress associated with it, I often reminded myself of the true meaning of the day. The simple fact that no matter what, Mack and I would become husband and wife, allowed me to minimize my stress over the irrelevant details! Once we officially tied the knot, we were ready to celebrate with our family and friends! Driving to our reception was such a wonderful relief because we were married!!! Our reception was at the Manor House and there is no location more beautiful. I selected this venue because it reminded me of the architecture that I was surrounded by in Oxford, MS, while attending Ole Miss. It has a vintage charm about it that can’t be beat. Furthermore, the house itself features a quaint style that is welcoming and conveys the feeling of entering a family members home. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it in the beginning of the planning process! Now, having actually experienced the venue filled with our family and friends, it was the perfect setting. Not to mention, all of our photos from the day are stunning! My most-loved component of our […]


Wedding Recap: Ceremony

Ever since Mack and I got engaged, I knew I wanted our wedding ceremony to be a few specific things; very traditional, in a church, and a beautiful display of us committing our lives to one another in love. As I reflect on our wedding day, my most coveted moments are comprised of our ceremony specifically. The wedding ceremony itself took place at my chapel in Colorado. After we finished getting ready, I arrived early to gather my thoughts and calm down before my grand entrance. Within moments of arriving, I knew this would be absolutely impossible to do. I remember vividly my emotions building their way up and slowly but surely working their way out! So much in fact, I teared up multiple times in the presence of my parents and bridesmaids before the ceremony even began. As five o’clock approached, the bridesmaids lined up- I was about to see my groom! I received advice from a sweet friend at our rehearsal dinner that changed everything and instantly calmed me down for the biggest moment of the day- my walk down the aisle. She stated, “When the doors open, lock eyes with Mack and he will get you down […]


Wedding Recap: Primp

    The morning spent getting my hair and makeup done while sipping champagne, was easily one of my favorite parts of our entire wedding day! I was SO happy that the big day was finally here but also felt a mixture of excited nerves! The bridesmaids and I stayed in the guest house at the Manor House the evening before the wedding. This made getting ready followed by taking photos at the mansion seamless and convenient. My resounding memories include; Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood Remix playing on repeat (every time I hear that song I get the biggest smile on my face), butterflies in my stomach literally until the church doors opened, and the constant need to remind myself to take in every second of laughter and joy. I value the time shared getting ready with my Mom, Mother-in-Law, new sister and best friends dearly! Mack and I decided against the “first look” simply because I always envisioned having the most traditional wedding. One in which the groom doesn’t see the bride until the church doors are opened- the grand entrance! However, we did take photos with our family and friends separately beforehand, allowing us to minimize the amount of photos […]


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