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Travel Style

Travel Style

Travel Style

Travel Style

Travel Style

Travel Style

Sweater | Camo T-Shirt (similar) | Black Skinnies | Tennis Shoes | Sunglasses | Tote Bag

A few months ago I traveled to Miami to celebrate my cousin Larisa’s bachelorette party. I flew in with Bri (her older sister) the night before she arrived so we could have everything ready. We landed late at night and booked a hotel very close to the airport since we would be there for a mere few hours before heading to the South Beach hotel that would be the hub of the girls weekend. I am not going to lie… I was scared to stay there when we parked. Bri, who has traveled across Europe multiple times, must have sensed my nerves as she kindly and cheerfully voiced how important she thinks traveling is. She has slept in hostiles, train stations and hotels in countless other countries which made this little hotel not so scary to her. Although I am not a world-traveler, it’s something I often think about and hope to do someday with Mack. I think we can all agree that traveling is something we all wish we could do more frequently. With that simple and uniting fact in mind, here are my tips for dressing for a day filled with planes, trains and automobiles whether you’re going somewhere near or far this fall:

  • Tote it all, check the rest:  A tote bag is my lifeline when I travel. I keep my cross body purse tucked away alongside my computer, water bottle, snacks, magazines and more in my tidy tote. I always check my roller bag which makes for carefree and ease when maneuvering airport terminals and most importantly boarding areas. Find a great tote and it’ll be your travel bestie.
  • Layer: Whether going through security, riding the train to the terminal or in the window seat of an airplane it’s a guarantee that you’ll be greeted with every temperature under the sun- from freezing to sweating. With that in mind I always wear long pants and layer. I find that I am usually comfortable with just a t-shirt and big sweater. Although sometimes I will pack a scarf in my tote in case I get really cold on the plane. Layering allows for quick “outfit changes” as the temperatures fluctuate throughout the travel day.
  • Sporty shoes: Between the airport germs and frigid temperatures, I’ve found it best to always cover my toes in my most comfortable walking shoes. Ideal for those delayed flight, I may miss my connection, sprint to the gate kinda travel days. You’ll be so glad you had on your sporty shoes as opposed to your beach flip-flops when this situation arises (and we all know it will)!

If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you go? I think my destination would be Greece!

I hope you have the best weekend! Thank you so much for reading today!


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