Five Greeting Cards to Always Have on Hand

Five Greeting Cards to Always Have

Five Greeting Cards to Always Have

Five Greeting Cards to Always Have

Five Greeting Cards to Always Have

Five Greeting Cards to Always Have

Stationary from Mingle 30A (if you don’t live locally, similar options here and here) | Acrylic Stationary Box

The Griffin household is always fully stocked with wine, shipping materials (boxes, packing tape, stamps etc.) and greeting cards. One might think, what about necessities like toilet paper or extra groceries? Not in this house haha. In fact, we almost ran out of TP when we had guests in our home and that was embarrassing. But if anyone needs a glass of wine or to send some form of snail mail, I’ve got you covered.

There’s something about quality stationary that I really just love! When selecting greeting cards, I can spend a solid 30 minutes standing in front of the display deciding on which to purchase. Snail mail, although very simple, makes me so happy! I am always excited when I get a handwritten card in our mailbox and I like to share that feeling as often as I can with others. With that in mind, I believe you should always have five greeting cards on hand which include: celebration card, happy birthday card, housewarming card, sympathy card and a blank card (to be used as thank you or miscellaneous event). Life throws us so many curveballs and trust me, there’s a card for that. I’ve found that by having these five options readily available, I am able to send the appropriate card, no matter what the occasion/situation, in a timely manner.

The best part about dropping a greeting card in the mail is that the recipient has no idea. A little surprise snail mail here and there does our world some good (at least I like to think it does)!

I hope your week is going well so far! Thank you for reading today.

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