How to Determine Your Signature Scent

Signature Scent

Signature Scent

Signature Scent

Signature Scent

Miss Dior

A small part of my beauty routine that I haven’t touched on yet is that final spritz! Although I don’t wear my perfume daily, it’s always the finishing touch before date night, for a work day event or girls night. But finding your signature scent can be tricky and you never want to walk away with a scent that isn’t fully YOU! Avoid the return line and opt to use these tips instead.

Determine Your Signature Scent

Shop by Bottle

In anything I share, I can only reference my personal experience. When it came to finding my signature scent, I started by browsing only the bottles I loved most. From there, I narrowed it down by scent. Your signature scent will likely be displayed on your vanity… so it needs to be pretty and display your personality. Miss Dior immediately caught my eye because it’s simple, sweet with the bow, and light pink. You will some really extravagant bottle designs so browse and take note of those that catch your eye!

Let the Scent Sit

After your favorite bottles are selected, it’s time to swatch the scent on the paper testers offered in-store. This will immediately allow you to determine if the scent is a front-runner or not. There are different tones in perfumes ranging from florals to woodsy scents. I prefer lighter, floral undertones but you have to select your personal favs.

Once you think you’ve found the one, spritz some on your skin and leave the store. Don’t purchase one without letting the scent sit on your skin. Your personal aroma will mix with the scent (thank you to the sweet Sephora associate who offered this advice to me), so be sure you still love it after a few hours!

Deem the Scent as Signature

I selected this scent and the first time I wore it was actually on my wedding day! This is not only my signature scent but it’s so sentimental. I don’t see myself switching up anytime soon because with the scent comes memories of our best day. If you have a big life event, and haven’t yet found your scent, do so beforehand. It’ll be a subtle reminder in your everyday life of the special moment.

Do you have a favorite perfume? My mom always wear Coco by Chanel and every time I smell it, I know it’s her. Scent is powerfully tied to recognition and memory! Choose wisely and it will be distinctly you!

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