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Wedding Recap: Ceremony

Ever since Mack and I got engaged, I knew I wanted our wedding ceremony to be a few specific things; very traditional, in a church, and a beautiful display of us committing our lives to one another in love. As I reflect on our wedding day, my most coveted moments are comprised of our ceremony specifically. The wedding ceremony itself took place at my chapel in Colorado. After we finished getting ready, I arrived early to gather my thoughts and calm down before my grand entrance. Within moments of arriving, I knew this would be absolutely impossible to do. I remember vividly my emotions building their way up and slowly but surely working their way out! So much in fact, I teared up multiple times in the presence of my parents and bridesmaids before the ceremony even began. As five o’clock approached, the bridesmaids lined up- I was about to see my groom! I received advice from a sweet friend at our rehearsal dinner that changed everything and instantly calmed me down for the biggest moment of the day- my walk down the aisle. She stated, “When the doors open, lock eyes with Mack and he will get you down […]


Wedding Recap: Primp

    The morning spent getting my hair and makeup done while sipping champagne, was easily one of my favorite parts of our entire wedding day! I was SO happy that the big day was finally here but also felt a mixture of excited nerves! The bridesmaids and I stayed in the guest house at the Manor House the evening before the wedding. This made getting ready followed by taking photos at the mansion seamless and convenient. My resounding memories include; Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood Remix playing on repeat (every time I hear that song I get the biggest smile on my face), butterflies in my stomach literally until the church doors opened, and the constant need to remind myself to take in every second of laughter and joy. I value the time shared getting ready with my Mom, Mother-in-Law, new sister and best friends dearly! Mack and I decided against the “first look” simply because I always envisioned having the most traditional wedding. One in which the groom doesn’t see the bride until the church doors are opened- the grand entrance! However, we did take photos with our family and friends separately beforehand, allowing us to minimize the amount of photos […]


Wedding Recap: Rehearsal Dinner

  This week marks the first of four in which I will recap our wedding, from start to finish. I have enjoyed sharing each phase of planning with you all. Now, I can hardly wait to share every detail of our wedding as it was the best weekend ever! Our rehearsal dinner was some of the best time spent with family the entire weekend. We felt so much love from each guest as they shared special memories and toasted to our future! Despite a little trouble from the weather, everything was perfect. Mack ended the night by giving the most heartfelt speech encompassing how we, as a couple, feel about our family and friends and the support they have offered us throughout our relationship. We are so lucky and blessed! I am thankful for the evening spent visiting, laughing, and toasting with our family and friends from near and far. There really is no better feeling in the world than to have everyone you love in one room!


Becoming Mrs. Griffin

  Exactly one year of planning, and just like that, we are Mr. and Mrs. Griffin! Last night, I said to Mack, “I feel like our wedding was a dream.” His response, “A really good dream!” As I reflect on our wedding day it was truly the best day ever! Mack and I couldn’t stop smiling as we committed our lives to each other surrounded by our closest family and friends. It was so much fun to celebrate and laugh with our guests from near and far. The whole time I continually reminded myself to, “take it all in.” From the rehearsal dinner (even with a little trouble from the weather), to getting ready, the ceremony and finally, the reception- the entire weekend surpassed anything I could have ever envisioned. It was everything and more that I wanted it to be. We are extremely thankful to everyone who was a part of our wedding day! Each of you contributed in your own way to make our Big Day uniquely ours- we are forever grateful. Our beyond talented photographer, Katie, of KB Digital Designs, posted a few sneak peeks this week and I couldn’t help but share them. There are no […]


10 Day Countdown

  Mack and I are in our final 10 day countdown to the altar! I can’t help but wonder where the last year has gone. Something that seemed so far off when we got engaged is now finally upon us. It’s the craziest feeling but we can’t wait! With no time to spare, I am in the process of finalizing any and all last minute details. In light of my recent time crunch, I wanted to share some key items on my final to do list. These last minute items, although completed in the just the nick of time, are critical to the Big Day: Seating Chart– We opted to do a seating chart simply because I feel like it makes guests more comfortable.  With an assigned table for each guest, you avoid the awkward interactions of guests trying to find seats together. Furthermore, you can place guests according to his/her side and ensure that guests are sitting with those that they know. I thought this would be far more challenging than it actually way. To assist, I used this seating chart process from Something Turquoise. Old, New, Borrowed and Blue– I woke up last night with that panicked feeling! Did […]


Acheive the Dream Wedding Color Scheme

{Photo Source: Style Me Pretty} {Photo Source: Brides} {Photo Source: BHLDN} {Photo Source: Magnolia Rouge} {Photo Source: Jessica Strickland Photography} As you daydream about your Big Day, thinking about your wedding color scheme before jumping right in proves extremely important! A well planned color spectrum will reflect you and your soon-to-be groom, the personality you all have, and the style you possess. Furthermore, it will guide and determine your decor selections from the table runners to the cake! Without a clear outline for your color scheme, your selections can quickly become an array of uncoordinated splashes of color that fall short of depicting your vision. To avoid clashing colors and conflicting decor, I like most brides, turned to wedding magazines, blogs, and Pinterest to decode how to properly coordinate and complement my wedding color hues. The wedding palette I selected is very clean and similar to that shown in the photos above and Pinterest board below. I love blush and neutral colors with just a hint of metallic here and there! Ensure that your wedding palette is perfect with these simple tips: Include your soon-to-be groom as you decide on the color scheme- By including him early on, you may discover that he is not very keen on […]


Find the Perfect Wedding Dress

Photo Source: Anna Bé Instagram As girls, there is one thing we dream about from the time we are little until the moment we get engaged and that is our wedding dress! Of course we also dream about the man we will marry but the dress occupies most of our thoughts, right? Once Mack and I got engaged, I ran to the store and bought every wedding magazine on the shelf. This, coupled with copious amounts of pinning helped me gather ideas before actually ever trying one dress on. After doing the research, the actual shopping and yes, finding THE dress, here are my top three tips as you begin your wedding dress search: Look early– The production time on a wedding dress is very lengthy (anywhere from three to six months). Ensure that you plan this in accordance with your wedding date to account for production time and alterations (to be done about three months before wedding) so it will be complete before the Big Day! Be decisive– This is something I was… not. I went in with a totally open mind thinking that would be the best option. However, to my dismay, this actually inhibited me as there are […]


Bridesmaid Neccesities

  Over the past few weeks, I had the privilege to be a bridesmaid in not one, but two weddings! I went to Ole Miss with both brides and they are two of my most treasured friends. My experience at these two weddings was so surreal as I was privileged to see two of my best friends marry their own Prince Charming! I traveled to both weddings (one was in Mississippi and the other in Texas) and found that I forgot really important items and was rather unorganized, which is very unlike me. Due to that fact, I wanted to share with other bridesmaids the items I found myself reaching for, that I forgot at home. My comprehensive list of necessities for bridesmaids: First things first, a tote bag- Because I packed my suitcase this totally slipped my mind. However, I was out of luck when it came to transporting all of my hair items, makeup, dress and more from the house to the venue to get ready. Also, it made it extremely difficult to keep my items organized and separate from the other bridesmaid’s belongings. A tote bag is key! A cute outfit to get ready in- I was provided […]


How to Hire Your Wedding Photographer

Engagement Photo Session: KB Digital Designs  If you really think about it, the photos from your wedding day are one of the few tangible items that you will cherish forever. This fact puts a lot of pressure on brides as they seek a wedding photographer. We all desire for the photos to capture each detail- the smile of a grandparent, the look on the groom’s face when he first sees his bride and the love shared by family and friends at this monumental event. The expectations are high and it is important to select the perfect photographer, that you trust fully, to capture your big day! Luckily for me, my photographer is a childhood friend! We have known each other since we were 10 years old and traveled with our Moms to New York City. I even caught the bouquet at her wedding!!! Anyways, because I didn’t have to go through the process of finding a photographer, I asked Katie of KB Digital Designs to share her top three tips for brides when hiring a photographer. Here is the advice she offered: Work your budget around photography because it is the most important thing from the day that will last […]


Wedding Date & Venue(s) Selection

  {The Manor House} It is said that wedding planning can be very stressful- I have found certain parts to be and others not at all! However, date and venue(s) selection can be one area of stress. Coordination and communication with multiple sites and contacts can be a challenge. Rest assured! Here are my top tips for selecting your date and venue(s). Top Tips for Selecting Date & Venue(s)-  Date Selection- I knew I wanted to get married in June (a.k.a. Peak Wedding Season). Don’t let the time of year that you want to get married discourage you from your dream wedding. I have read countless articles explaining that winter weddings, in Colorado, are a fraction of the cost. Well, I am not a cold weather girl. If you are, looks like you are in luck! Event Proximity and Timing- If you are like me (getting married in a church and holding the reception elsewhere), take into consideration the distance between locations (my max was 20 minutes of driving for guests). Additionally, make sure to time the end of your ceremony to the start of your reception so your guests aren’t lingering around with nothing to do in-between the two […]


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