Grove Style & Clear Bag Policy

Grove Style & Clear Bag Policy

Grove Style & Clear Bag Policy

Grove Style & Clear Bag Policy

Grove Style & Clear Bag Policy

Grove Style & Clear Bag PolicyRed Dress | Clear Crossbody | Leopard Booties | Sunglasses (similar)

You know how people say that the environment you place yourself in and the people you surround yourself with with ultimately shape you? Well that’s exactly what happened to me when I willingly dropped myself in the middle of the South from Denver not knowing one single person to attend the University of Mississippi. At first, the transition was hard as the culture, weather and general way of doing things was different to me. However, I look back at my time at Ole Miss, the friends it gave me and the growth that took place there and I am just so thankful. In many ways, I think Ole Miss gave me a vision of the person I wanted to become. Perhaps everyone feels this affinity toward their alma mater, but I sure feel lucky. Sentiments aside, Mack and I are heading back to Ole Miss this weekend as our teams {and very alive family rivalry} come to life in the form the Rebs vs. the LSU Tigers! Mack is from Baton Rouge and we started dating after he spent a weekend in The Grove my junior year and the rest is history. We are so excited about our trip and can’t wait to cheer on our opposing teams together!

When I think of The Grove I see chandeliers, elaborate tablescapes, stunning floral arrangements and of course, cocktails… all surrounding a football game. It’s a dream and one that I took advantage of while I was in school. A football game at Ole Miss is a social affair that shouldn’t be missed. For those visiting for the first time, I want to offer some particulars of Grove style and the new clear bag policy. Here we go!

Let’s start with the boys shall we? Despite what Barstool Sports may suggest, The Grove is not the place to display your best #SAFTB behavior. Rather, put on your sport coat, bowtie and slacks for the classiest tailgate in the South! If the sport coat is too much for you, opt for a collared shirt at the very least. Mack, who keep in mind is going to be cheering on the opposing team, is going to wear his LSU polo, nice khaki pants and boots. I don’t know if guys also hate the feeling of being underdressed but I would not recommend that you try out your new body paint for the Ole Miss game. Rather, emulate dressing for a special occasion instead if only for that one Saturday! Don’t let this dressy attire foul you as the collective Ole Miss community has coined the phrase to, “never lose a party.” Simply look good while doing just that!

For the ladies, a dress coordinated with the color on the ticket is always a safe bet! Yes, they coordinate the crowd each home game. Pair a dress that suggests school spirit with some fun booties {you all know I love my little leopard booties}. Keep in mind that gameday in Oxford is an all day event and there’s a lot of walking involved from wandering through the maze of tents in The Grove to attending the game. Comfortable yet fashionable heeled booties will not steer you wrong. A new and interesting requirement is the fact that ladies have to carry a clear purse. Although this clear cross body makes me feel like I am channeling my inner Spice Girl, it’s a must have for gameday whether we like it or not! Since I will probably only attend this game and maybe one other in Baton Rouge later this season, I didn’t want invest a ton in this bag. I found this bag that’s under $25! Honestly, it’s perfect as its stadium approved and sturdy for a day of tailgating. Once I give it a true test run this weekend, I’ll edit this post with how it worked in the actual gameday environment.

Dressing up for each football game is truly one of my favorite memories of attending Ole Miss. The tradition runs deep and the cocktails are always strong but everyone is family and at every turn, southern hospitality is displayed in its truest form!

To keep up with our weekend in Oxford, be sure to follow along on Instagram (@littlemrsparticular). With our vacation weekend in mind, I am taking Friday and Monday off to enjoy this time away with my sweet hubby! Hotty Toddy!

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