Shop Your Closet: Go To White Chunky Sweater

Go To White Chunky Sweater

Go To White Chunky Sweater

Go To White Chunky Sweater

Go To White Chunky Sweater

Go To White Chunky Sweater

Go To White Chunky Sweater

Chunky Sweater (similar) | Skinny Jeans with Step Hem (almost identical) | Mules | Crossbody

Actual thoughts that ran through my head while shooting this outfit in 90 degree weather… “stop trying to make fall happen, it’s not going to happen!” Any Mean Girls fans out there? Just me? Haha real life, I was roasting during this session. Roasting.

But we are in week two of my Shop Your Closet series because, well, we ALL have a go-to white sweater in our closet. If you don’t, I linked a very similar option above. A good chunky sweater is great for fall, yes. It’s also great to pack in your tote while traveling, your ride-or-die choice when date night is at the movie theatre (why is it always freezing in there?) and the best for just lounging at home with your leggings on. As cooler months are *supposedly* coming, this outfit is easy to copy with items you most likely have tucked away.

And if you’re thinking this outfit looks oddly similar to this outfit, you’d be correct. When it comes to jeans, I really only think you need three pairs max. One good pair of denim skinnies (preferably with a step hem), a pair of black skinnies, and a pair of white skinnies. Simple as that! As you inventory your closet throughout this series, take note of what you have multiples of. Do you have five pairs of denim skinny jeans? Pick the pair you love and donate or sell the rest! If you can’t tell, we’ve been on an organizing kick around here lately.

So, how do you style your favorite chunky sweater for fall? Let me know!

Thank you so much for popping by today!

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