Thanksgiving Day Attire

Dusty Pink Dress + Plaid Cape

Dusty Pink Dress + Plaid Cape

Dusty Pink Dress + Plaid Cape

Dusty Pink Dress + Plaid Cape

Dusty Pink Dress + Plaid Cape

Dusty Pink Dress + Plaid Cape

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Sometimes I am totally on my blogging game with each post scheduled well in advance… and sometimes it’s 7pm on Thursday night and I still haven’t completed my post for tomorrow (current situation). I can hear my parents right now quoting something about procrastination and me giving them a big eye roll- mostly because they are absolutely correct haha.

As expected with the upcoming holiday season approaching at a rapid pace, we’ve suddenly become so busy! It’s never a bad thing to be busy and we’ve been “fun busy” in that my Mom was in town and Mack’s parents are on their way into town this weekend! I seriously LOVE having family in our new home. I think I asked my Mom about one million times if she liked our new home- she did! While she was in town we completed a run-through of the meal I’ll prepare on Thanksgiving Day. I am still learning in the cooking department and since I will be feeding more mouths than just my sweet husband, I had to prepare! I am happy to report that it went well and I am ready for the Big Day, I mean Thanksgiving!

I’ve honestly never put much thought into what to wear on Thanksgiving Day. When I was still living close to my parents, the day would consist strictly of cooking (and by that I mean me milling around the kitchen sneaking roll dough- yikes, I know!), my Brother and Dad watching football and waiting on more family to arrive. We have an extremely close family and although I wouldn’t be in yoga pants on Thanksgiving Day, it’s always been a casual event in our home. I think due to the fact that we all get SO FULL…. a flowing dress or chunky sweater to hide that full belly was always a must.

Now that Mack and I have the privilege to host family in our home, I plan to continue that thought process by laying a poncho over something like this dusty pink dress. Although it was in the 40’s this morning when I left the house (there was even frost on the grass), it’s in the high 70’s by noon. Therefore, I need something that’s suitable for the daytime but that will cover my full belly after our Thanksgiving meal. Since purchasing this poncho, I’ve worn it probably twice a week. I wear it work, to dinner with Mack, to ride our bikes to the farmer’s markets and more. I love the length, the pattern and the fact that I can wear it to work with jeans and booties and to the farmer’s market with leggings and tennis shoes. My best purchase of the season so far!

I hope you all have the best weekend! Mack and I plan to await his parents arrival as they drive in from Texas and we can’t wait. I know he’s especially excited to see them! And for the record, I did get our Christmas Tree up this week. See why I wanted to get our Christmas decor up early, here.

Thank you so much for reading today!

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