Workout Wardrobe for Warm Weather

Workout Wardrobe for Warm Weather

Workout Wardrobe for Warm Weather

Workout Wardrobe for Warm Weather

Workout Wardrobe for Warm Weather

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Daylight savings time may have left us all a little sleepy (I couldn’t get up on Sunday!) but it promises that long beach days are not far from reach! With summer on the horizon, I recently did a little scan of my workout drawer and realized I only have black workout clothes. But with warmer temperatures approaching and because athleisure items are a staple in my day to day, I am looking forward to a fresh update to my workout wardrobe- incorporating more blush tones and blooms. Here are some pieces that I have in the “running” but am waiting to purchase until our budget resets next month (#reallife):

With the shift to warm weather, I like to focus on outdoor activities to get my exercise on. Luckily, Mack and I both love to get moving outdoors every weekend. If you’re looking for ways to get some exercise but not feel like you’re working out, give these activities a try (especially if you live by the water or even if only visiting):

  • Beach walk- If the weather is right, Mack and I try to go for a beach walk almost every weekend. We will walk for an hour sometimes just people watching, chatting and enjoying the water view. It’s one of my favorite things to do! We always walk to this RV park that’s a few miles down the beach to look at the airstreams and RV’s that park on the beach- I mean those people are truly living the dream! Anyways, the best part about a beach walk is that you’re so distracted with the scenery that you don’t realize how hard you’re working to walk through the sand! Sometimes I’ll work up a sweat without even knowing it. 😂
  • Paddleboarding- I’ll start by saying that paddleboarding in the ocean is extremely difficult. Each time I’ve tried, I end up in the water while trying to maneuver the waves. However, I want paddle boarding on the bay last summer and it was really enjoyable and fun! It’s also a great arm workout and takes a lot of balance. I hope Mack and I get to paddleboard a time or two this season as it’s the most calming way to take in the bay- I even saw dolphins the last time I was out there!
  • Scenic bike ride- If you follow me on Instagram then you know that Mack and I basically have an unspoken “no car” policy on the weekends. No only does traffic get a little bad, we truly just have everything we need right around us which cruising super convenient. It’s just an added bonus that while we ride, we’re also getting some exercise. We honestly love to be outdoors and our bikes gives us such an easy “route” to do just that. Plus, we recently added baskets for Rebel and Tiger so now it’s a full on family outing!

How do you plan to get moving this spring and summer? I am always so thankful that we we live in a region that is warm for most of the year. I don’t know what I even did in Colorado when it was still snowing and cold in March and April.

I hope you have a great week! Thanks for reading today!

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