Gift Guide Under $35 for the Hostess

Hostess Gift Guide Under $35

The Magnolia Story | Wine + Bottle Opener | Bar Cart Accessories | Candles | Champagne Gummy Bears | Tic-Tac-Toe Board | Zebra Dish

From Friendsgiving to holiday gift exchanges and NYE parties, this time of year revolves around getting together with family, friends and co-workers! To avoid gifting a bottle of wine to each hostess, I compiled this list of unique and thoughtful gifts for any upcoming gathering. I plan to order a few items to have on hand over the next several weeks. Quite frankly, I may just treat myself to some of these because they are all so budget friendly and I can think of a place for each item in our new home (or perhaps we should just throw a holiday party haha). Here’s why I am obsessing over these hostess gifts:

  1. I have met few people who A. Don’t know who the Gaines family is and B. Aren’t obsessed with them! This family has captivated millions with their show Fixer Upper on HGTV but influenced even more through their faith which shows through in everything they do. I am looking forward to reading their story in The Magnolia Story and have some friends in mind that I know would love this little book in their home as well. See my latest Chip and Joanna obsession here.
  2. This sweet key shaped bottle and wine opener is something that can be put to use right away! I always have a hard time finding one of these when I need one- I believe you can never have too many.
  3. These marble and gold bar cart accessories look polished and store in an organized manner. So much better than keeping these cocktail tools in a drawer mixed together! Any bar cart lover will surely enjoy adding these accessories to their collection.
  4. I selected these candles because they are pretty and functional. I have candles in almost every room of our house and they are great to have on hand. I usually store extras in our bathroom cabinets with a box of matches so they are ready for use at any given time!
  5. How cute are these champagne flavored gummy bears? At the wedding we recently attended in Seaside, they gifted a packet of these in each welcome box and I thought they were adorable! Although Mack ate my champs gummies before I could get to them (I swear, I can’t leave anything out around him haha), I can imagine how delicious they are. I plan to find out very soon haha I may have snuck and extra box of these into my cart for me- why is shopping for others so difficult?
  6. This marble tic-tac-toe board puts a classy touch on a timeless game. Perfect to decorate a coffee table and keep on display year-round! Now that’s a hostess gift I think we all can get behind!
  7. Our home revolves around the “drop dish” that is situated just we enter the front door. This exists solely for us to drop our keys in when we arrive at home. It may sound simple but it makes a difference in our day knowing we can just grab our keys and go (no more early morning searching)! This zebra dish is a fashionable option to allow your hostess to create a “drop-dish” of his or her own, display candy and so much more.

Although proper etiquette is something we dread to learn about when we’re little, it rings so true now. This, coupled with good manners (i.e. writing thank you notes for starters) can take you anywhere you want to be in this world. Therefore, I have a strict rule of never show up empty handed anywhere! Each hostess welcomes you into his or her home, often spends all day and even days before preparing, spends money on food and drinks… the list goes on and on. It’s important that while we get to enjoy ourselves due to their gracious hostess skills we offer them a warm, functional and thoughtful thank you as we enter into their home!

Do you have a go-to hostess gift? Let me know in the comment section below- I’d love to have a few more ideas. Thank you so much for stopping by today!

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