One Year at Home


See our full guest bedroom + tips to host a house guest, here.

{I am in the process of updating the bedding so I’ll post an update soon!}

One Year at Home

See our full dining room, here.

One Year at Home

See my “desk nook” details, here.

One Year at Home

Step into our backyard/patio space, here.

One Year at Home

See our master bedroom decor, here.

One Year at Home

See our living room details, here.

It seems like yesterday that Mack and I packed up the condo we were renting and signed on the dotted line to purchase our first home. We’ve lived here now for ONE YEAR and I promise time is passing so quickly with each and every day. I can say that without a doubt, home is our favorite place to be and to us, it’s perfect. Mack always laughs at how defensive I am of our home! It’s our space and in it we are most comfortable and most importantly grateful that it’s ours. We surely don’t deserve it and never take for granted the simple fact that we are fortunate enough to have a  roof over our heads. Over the past year, we’ve learned a thing or two (or 10) about what it means to be a homeowner. So far, it has been my favorite job ever! From decorating to updating, curating a space for us to create memories in is my favorite pass time! Here are three lessons in homeownership that we’ve tackled in our first year:

  • Have Patience- I am not a patient person. Oh how home ownership has helped me grow in that department! Not only from a decorating standpoint but also from a home repair and updating perspective (which translates into months and months of budgeting). So far, we’ve undertaken two home improvement projects; 1. Updated Plumbing and 2. Remodeled Kitchen (this one is almost finished). I can tell you first hand that whether redecorating or completing a home improvement project, plan for multiple tiers of logistics within each project. There are a number of contacts and timeline items at play in any home update. Plan, prepare, ask questions and budget an extra $500 (at least!) before undertaking any decor update or home reno!
  • Budgeting is Key- This goes hand in hand with the above point of patience. Decorating and completing remodeling projects are EXPENSIVE tasks. We’ve always been very strict on our budget but it has elevated to a new level since investing in our home. If you’d like more insight on how we budget each month, read this post. I think part of the reason we enjoy our home so much is because we’ve saved for literally every single thing in it- we honestly take so much pride in it.
  • Home is Home- Putting roots down in a tangible way, such as investing in property is one thing. That was our initial goal of purchasing a house in the first place. But I really understand the saying that, “home is where the heart is,” after this first year of building our life in this home. No matter what stage of homeownership you’re in- despite the size, decor, and update wish list- it’s home and that’s all that matters!

Looking forward to year two at home with Mack, Rebel and Tiger because home is really made by the people (& dogs) that you share it with!

Thank you so much for reading today. Have a great week!

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