Patio Inspiration

Patio Inspiration

Outdoor String Lights | Striped Patio Set (under $500!) | Outdoor Rug | Spotted Pillow | Pineapple Pillow | Neutral Pillow (here & here)

I mentioned in this post that Mack and I plan to update our patio here soon! What I failed to mention in that post is that the adirondock chairs currently residing on our patio are lime green, yes you read that right. Now there’s nothing wrong with that if green is your style (and it was the style of the previous homeowners). However, as we’ve transitioned a once beach rental home into our permanent home, we’ve gone with neutrals and touches of pink pretty much throughout the whole house! Over time, those green chairs have become more of an eye sore as the rest of our home has come together! The one factor… patio furniture is so expensive. We were chatting with a friend the other day about just how expensive it is and how you never just need two chairs for a patio- you need the set and some cute outdoor decor which adds up quickly. Let’s just add that to the ever growing list of things no one ever told us about #adulting. Alas, the lime green chairs will continue to have a nice life on our patio until we manage to save up enough to get what we really want! Luckily we are closer than ever so I wanted to create a visual board in order to guide our purchases and ensure they’re cohesive.

Our patio space is really tiny but offers just enough room to situate a nice conversation set. I love that this specific set is striped- the color scheme is in line with our current decor inside but fun in that it offers a pattern which will make the space more casual. Also, I’ve been begging Mack to let me put some pineapple decor in our house. I think the patio is the perfect place for some pink pineapple pillows– aren’t these cute? I think so too! I plan to keep everything else fairly neutral (from the rug to the pillows), with a few varying prints (like these spotted pillows), to layer the space nicely.

To top it all off, Mack plans to add some market lighting from an anchor point on our fence to above our backdoor creating a canopy effect of lights. I can’t wait for these to be up! The lighting will finish the space off deeming it ready for use by the summertime (hopefully)! I can seriously already envision drinking wine outside on summer nights and I am SO. EXCITED.

Do you have an outdoor space that you love to utilize? If so, what are some items that make it most useful? I need some pointers!

Thanks so much for reading today! I hope you have a great Monday!

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