5 Ways to Save Money in 2018

5 Ways to Save Money in 2018

5 Ways to Save Money in 20185 Ways to Save Money in 20185 Ways to Save Money in 20185 Ways to Save Money in 2018Bucket Bag (under $100!)

Last week I delved into tackling the New Year and offered three suggestions for how to set your goals! I hope this post was helpful and thought provoking as you enter 2018. No matter what your goals, aspirations or passions surround there is usually one common denominator and that’s money. I talk in detail about the process we use to budget, here. In this post however, I want to focus on five ways to cut your spending. Don’t get me wrong, I too used to refuse to miss my manicure/pedicure every two weeks, eyebrow maintenance monthly, routine hair cut/color every six weeks and the list goes on and on. BUT cut all that out for just a short period of time and you’ll notice your bank account has a little extra (& welcomed) cushion. So here’s how to cut spending and save this January:

  1. Coffee & Your Couch: While living in Denver I would stop almost every morning to get a soy chai from Starbucks. Don’t mind the fact that soy milk is more expensive haha. I know it’s been said before but sipping coffee at home easily saves $20 each week. Plus, drinking my coffee on my couch has stemmed into being my favorite part of the day- from completing my Bible study to catching up on the news- it’s always so cozy. Get comfortable with your morning brew at home and your wallet will thank you!
  2. Repeat after me… Eyebrow Stencils: It is just me or is getting your eyebrows done always a gamble? Perhaps it’s because Mack and I move so often but I am always nervous to try a new place. Inevitably I am proved correct as I exit with brows that are too thin. To alleviate the unknown of how they’d turn out plus the $30 dollars each month, I decided to take matters into my own hands, literally. Read my post about how to maintain your eyebrows at-home, here. The Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow stencils will change your life!
  3. Master the At-Home Mani: The first time Mack saw me without nail polish on, he asked if something was wrong. That’s how serious I used to take my nail appointments! Once I made my first move with Mack however it became more about what we needed and not just me. Honestly, a twice-monthly manicure/pedicure appointment is expensive. Especially when you could instead enjoy a date night for two! Master the at-home manicure by simply picking up a few tools to help you along the way. Besides the items you probably already have such a nail clipper and file, consider adding a cuticle pusher and nipper to give your nails that salon look.
  4. Go Natural: I decided to go back to my natural hair color prior to our wedding. I am so glad I did! Not only do I love the photos from the day but I saved a substantial amount of money that would have otherwise been spent in keeping up my hair color. If you can’t commit to going au natural consider asking your stylist to integrate some lowlights or give your hair more ombre effect. This will extend your color without the immediate need to run to the stylist as your roots begin to show. Luckily the look of grown out roots is IN (just ask Jennifer Aniston)!
  5. Skip the Fro-yo: I’ve never met a sweet treat that I didn’t like. Couple that with the idea of a healthier option and I was sold- and swiping my card weekly at the nearest fro-yo joint. Maybe for you it’s not frozen yogurt but eating out in general. Opt to meal plan, grocery shop and make sweet treats at home to lighten the money forked over to eating out.

Simple, small adjusts to your spending can pay off in a big way! Imagine if even for just one month you decided to implement one, two or all of the above suggestions. I think you’d see the benefits as you save, plan and budget moving forward. Now that our spending is in a consistent and controlled state, I treat myself to that manicure/pedicure from time to time, hit the Starbucks drive through and even head to Menchie’s to kick my sweet tooth but I don’t do those things every month. Like everything in life, striking a healthy balance is key! But with that extra fun money, you may see that it could fund your passion project in the New Year. With that in mind, I hope you have a great week!

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