Favorite Products for Rebel & Tiger

A Girl's Best Friend: Rebel & Tiger

Rebel (morkie, 4 years old) & Tiger (yorkie, 2 years old)

A Girl's Best Friend: Rebel & Tiger

A Girl's Best Friend: Rebel & Tiger

A Girl's Best Friend: Rebel & Tiger

A Girl's Best Friend: Rebel & Tiger

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As I type this post Rebel is asleep on the couch and snoring… I wish you all could hear it. Sweetest thing ever! I mentioned in this post that I may do a post about my sweet boys so here it is! Both of their birthdays are in August, exactly one week apart so I figured I would highlight them since they deserved to be spoiled all month long. Mack would tell you that every month is their birthday month however haha.

Let me start this post by saying that to me, a house is not a home without a dog, or in our case dogs! They bring me so much joy from the minute I wake up until we snuggle into bed at night. I know that people with pets understand this feeling so I won’t bore you with that for too long! In honor of their birthday month I’d like to share our favorite products for Rebel and Tiger (most often referred to as, “the boys”):

  • Play- We give them goDog toys as they last the longest. They are the only toy that Tiger doesn’t rip to shreds in 5 minutes flat. He eventually will get through the double chew-guard but it takes him about three days which is a WIN in our book. We get two sets of everything but Rebel and Tiger share everything. And by that I mean Tiger bullies Rebel and steals all the toys from him.
  • Walk- I make sure to walk them at least twice a day. Sometimes we walk three times but that’s reserved for the weekends! These small but mighty boys have a lot of energy so I like to walk them for about 20-40 minutes at a time so they can get exercise and also sleep better at night. We prefer to use a harness for their walks as opposed to a collar just since they’re so tiny.
  • Travel- Rebel and Tiger have been boarded one time since being a part of our family. I hate to leave them behind so instead we opt to bring them with us! They are great travelers (except Tiger gets carsick, literally like a child) and since it costs about the same we prefer to bring them along. We use a traveling carrier similar to this one and we keep them in separate carriers while traveling. I always make sure to bring a bowl for water, a small bag of food and of course treats when we travel. I will also put a toy in each carrier so they have something to keep them entertained.
  • Treats- We use the Kong toys whenever we leave the house. I feel bad leaving them so put some peanut butter in a Kong for each of them. When we’re home at night, I will give them a No-Hide chew which they love!

If you keep up with me on Instagram then you probably already know that if I upload a Insta-Story there’s a 99% chance that it’s of Rebel and Tiger. I have no shame in my #DogMom game! Happy Birthday, Rebel and Tiger!

Do you have any pet products that you can’t live without? Please share them with me below! Have a great Monday!

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