Get Fit Before the Holidays

Get Fit Before the Holidays

Get Fit Before the Holidays

Get Fit Before the Holidays

Get Fit Before the Holidays

In high school I never realized how much I was working out when it was through school sports. Those built-in times to workout never really felt like working out to me. Once I hit college, I realized that I had to create time to workout as it’s no longer a required part of my day. Luckily for me, I enjoyed the class schedule at the Fitness Center and also joined a sorority with a workout room which made my Housewives obsession actually a productive few hours during my week. Fast forward to post-grad, working the 9-5 life and that’s when working out and I really had a tough time haha. We basically broke up for a few months. I “couldn’t” make myself get up an hour earlier and I hate to workout a night. I noticed it became all about how can I get out of working out rather than focusing on the benefits that a good workout brings. I’ve tried it all; zumba, pilates, the treadmill, weights classes and more without ever feeling like I really enjoy it.

Mack on the other hand has always made working out a priority which inevitably has rubbed off on me as it’s something we can do together. Although he completes his workouts at the office, he was the one who nudged me to join a hot yoga studio by agreeing to go with me for the morning class… at 6am. At first I was hesitant as it’s expensive and EARLY in the morning but working out is important to him and I needed it to become important to me {again} too. Side note, while planning our wedding I took yoga weekly and really enjoyed it. I am not sure why I ever stopped other than the fact that we moved. We’ve been members at our yoga studio now for about 6 months and I look forward to my morning class twice a week and my occasional Sunday evening stretch class. If you’re like me and struggling to fit in your workout or finding something that you enjoy, here are my tips for getting fit before the holidays:

  • Find a workout partner: Whether it be your husband or your bestie, find some one that is also looking to get in shape and attend classes with them. Not only do you keep each other accountable, you also keep each other motivated which is the trickiest part of working out alone. I definitely understand that some days you’re just not going to feel it but it helps to have a friend say, “come on, just put your workout clothes on and meet me!”
  • Try a variation of workout options: As you can see above, I’ve tried just about every workout under the sun. Although they weren’t my favorite, I still tried them for a little bit and now that I’ve found something I really enjoy, I KNOW I enjoy it. If you hate to run, don’t run. Try swimming laps or even walking the dogs for an hour a day. Just get moving and your urge for a more challenging activity will come with time.
  • Focus on balance, not perfection: With the holiday season coming soon, most people are probably not advising to start your workout kick now. But that’s the thing I’ve noticed {mostly from watching Mack}, working out can’t be some “kick.” Rather it has to be consistent and in combination with a number of healthy lifestyle choices such as eating well and taking time to clear your mind. I am consistently trying to achieve balance as opposed to perfection when I approach being healthy. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see that my captions often consistent of, “yoga and smoothie kinda day followed by pizza and wine kinda night.” It’s all about balance!

With the holiday seasons coming soon, I think there’s no better time to integrate a balanced lifestyle through working out into your life! Everyone has to start somewhere.

Do you have a favorite way to sweat? Let me know in the comments! Here are a few of my yoga favorites if you’re interested:

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