How To Avoid Burnout

How To Avoid Burnout

How to Avoid Burnout

How To Avoid Burnout

How To Avoid Burnout

How To Avoid Burnout

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We are on the cusp of 2017 wrapping up- can you believe it? I certainly can’t! And although I am so happy that the holiday season is here, with the happiest time also comes the busiest time of the year. From tying up loose ends in business, blogging, budgeting and more, my already long to do list seems endless. I think we can all agree we’d love to keep the momentum of 2017 rolling right on into 2018. But if I am honest with myself, I am also so tired. Does anyone else feel this way? Last year, I found myself unprepared as the New Year made its arrival and this year, I’ve devised a plan to remove stress and revel in holiday shopping, traveling to see family and celebrating with my loved ones (because that’s truly what it’s all about!). Recharging during busy times is always a challenge for me but essential as life is busy! This year, I am being mindful of the potential of burnout and taking proactive measures to ensure I am ready for 2018. Here’s how I plan to tackle it all:

  • Stay focused: Mack and I have worked non-stop for the last three weekends (on top of our separate very full-time jobs). From photo shoots to content planning, editing photos and curating holiday content… we haven’t stopped. We are putting in the work now so that when the holidays arrive we can relax, laugh and spend time with our families. We are both so happy when we’re around family, truly. Although it’s hard in the moment to complete the work it will be well worth it when it’s all finished. With a clear vision and plan of execution we’ve been able to efficiently complete our tasks. Sit down and PLAN everything you need to do before the year wraps up. I use my Google Drive to organize all of my blog work- from scheduling to outreach and objectives that have to be met. For everything else I use a traditional planner which keeps me on track. Whatever your process may be, just be intentional. Evaluate everything you’d like to accomplish in the next several weeks- then start with items you can complete in the shortest time frame. It always helps me to accomplish something, no matter how small, so I can cross it off my list. That propels me to continue working my way through each bullet point.
  • Give Grace (especially to yourself!): I swear I am my own worst boss. I am hard on myself, set unrealistic expectations and don’t often recognize how far I’ve come. At some point or another, enough is enough. This past weekend I was fighting a cold, completed hours of blog photos and by Sunday I met a new level of exhaustion. I didn’t complete my post for Monday- and that’s okay. I am figuring out that sometimes enough IS actually enough. I am learning to offer myself some grace and I will keep this in mind as we enter this extremely busy season. Even the perfect plan can have its flaws- recognizing that some things (all things really) are beyond your control is actually really healthy. Challenge yourself to focus on giving yourself a little grace this season.
  • Make (& take time) to Relax: I make time to relax every single day. This does not mean binge watch Stranger Things for eight hours- rather taking a yoga class, walking the dogs twice a day for 20 minutes or even just listening to my favorite song helps me so much. Carve out increments throughout your day that bring you joy. I am aware that being overwhelmed only builds to being overwhelmed further (which usually ends with me Kim K crying to my mom on the phone haha). When I feel that build coming, I step away and clear my mind. This commitment to incremental relaxation always resets my focus. Identify 20-30 minute tasks that make you happy and work those into your workday anyway you can!

I am ready to finish 2017 and welcome the New Year fueled only by coffee from my adorable Bumble & Bustle mug, words read in my morning devotional and the community that checks in here weekly. That would have to be my final point- remember why you are combatting burnout and recognize that it’s all worth it!

How do you combat burnout the final months of the year? Thank you so much for reading today.

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