Let’s Get Local: JumpinGoat Coffee

Let's Get Local: JumpinGoat

Let's Get Local: JumpinGoat

Let's Get Local: JumpinGoat

Let's Get Local: JumpinGoat

Let's Get Local: JumpinGoat

Let's Get Local: JumpinGoat

Let's Get Local: JumpinGoat

Let's Get Local: JumpinGoat

Let's Get Local: JumpinGoat

JumpinGoat Coffee

There are few universal languages in this world but coffee is definitely one of them. Whether meeting up with friends to chit-chat or coworkers to business plan, coffee is always present. For me, there’s something about waking up and anticipating that first sip of hot coffee. I am sure some, if not all of you, can relate to that calming sip that provides the caffeine kick necessary to start each day. Now, image that sense of starting your day “brimming” with possibilities and add a harbor view and a quaint locally-owned trailer serving up fresh brews. That is exactly what you’ll find when you stumble upon JumpinGoat Coffee situated directly on Destin’s Harbor. Co-owners and caffeine connoisseurs, Mackenzie Destin, Grant Destin and Hayden Shaw envisioned this caffeine-toting trailer as a place for people to find common ground in our community. Personally, I know they’ve accomplished just that. And the best part? They’re just getting started. Serving up fresh coffee, smoothies, baked goods and even ice-cream sandwiches (yup, you read that right!) they’re thankful for the business they’ve rooted in the Destin community. I sat down with them to get a behind-the-scenes look at their fresh concept for life’s simple indulgences. Here’s what they had to say:

What inspired you to start JumpinGoat Coffee?

Grant, Hayden, and I have worked together for a long time and have always wanted to start our own business that contributed something to the community, that we were all raised in and love. With my family owning JumpinGoat Coffee Roasters out of Helen, Georgia, we felt it was the perfect way to open a business of our own, all while also participating in my family’s business too!

Where did the name JumpinGoat come from?

According to old folk lore, coffee was discovered in Ethiopia by a goatherd who noticed that his goats were jumping around like crazy one morning. For the next couple of mornings, he watched them closely, where he noticed that they had been eating “cherries” off of a certain tree. After trying them himself, he found that they gave him an immense amount of energy. Thus, coffee was discovered and evolved into a drink that is enjoyed all over the world!

What does a day in the life of running your quaint coffee trailer look like (other than an amazing Harbor view!)?

After convincing our dogs that we’re not abandoning them, we get to the trailer at 5:45 a.m. to prep, which we have come to find is one of the most beautiful and serene times of day. All of the charter boats begin to leave and Destin kind of feels like it did 40 years ago, quaint and quiet. As the day goes on, many people start to walk the boardwalk to see the sites, where we have met a ton of amazing and kind locals and tourists. When we’re not too busy, its really wonderful to talk to the customers and learn a little bit about them. Soon we will be opening for nights in which we will be selling ice cream sundaes and ice cream sandwiches, which will be really fun to meet families and people dining on the Harbor!

How did you all determine the menu for JumpinGoat? What inspired the coffee, smoothies, pastries and even ice cream sandwiches?

We are all avid coffee drinkers (and eaters) who put all of our minds together to generate a menu mixed with items that we all love. Being so close to the charter boats, restaurants, and HarborWalk, we also wanted to chose items that would be great for adults and kids alike, and easy for the on-the-go customer to take with them.

JumpinGoat is the cutest coffee trailer I’ve ever seen. Can you give me some insight into the BTS of acquiring the trailer, building it up and working out of it now?

Surprisingly this was the easiest part for us! When we decided to open a coffee trailer, we knew exactly what we wanted it to look like; clean, simple, and rustic. With one of my passions being design and Hayden and Grant being amazing handymen and woodworkers, we were able to make our coffee trailer come to life! We started with a shell of a trailer and completely renovated it with electrical, walls, floors, ceilings, and design. Being so excited about getting the business started, we finished the trailer in just three weeks. Unfortunately, we failed to realize that paperwork takes much longer than that haha so we did not open until a couple months later!

What are three tips you have for anyone that wants to literally build their business from the “grounds” up like you, Grant and Hayden are doing?

  1. Be positive. It’s easy to get scared and doubtful when starting your own business, so it’s incredibly important to remind yourself that “what’s the worst that could happen?” Really, nothing. The worst that could happen is you have to tweak some things or go back to what you were doing before.
  2. Don’t be scared to start small. Owning a business can be very stressful if you do too much at once. Take your time learning your business and what works best for you and your customers. There’s no shame in changing things around if you end up with a great product in the end!
  3. Enjoy it! You have the ability to create whatever you want and portray to the world what your awesome product is!

What’s the best part about providing delicious coffee and treats to the Emerald Coast?

Owning our own business has made us feel incredibly involved in our community and its future. We love the town we live in and hope that one day we can open a storefront to provide people with the best coffee and treats in town. Plus, us having our own personal endless supply of caffeine is a huge perk!

In your own words, what sets JumpinGoat apart? Aside from your unique and darling trailer.

We are a locally owned coffee trailer who’s beans are hand-roasted in a quaint town in Georgia. We love Destin and really wanted to add something to the Harbor that is unique and fresh, all while keeping that local, authentic feel.

Okay, now I always ask this… but this is the most important question haha. What’s your go-to coffee order?

We all love our cold brew. We course grind the beans fresh with every batch that brews for over 24 hours, making it an incredibly smooth blend. Everyday we try a new recipe to add to the cold brew to see what we like best, which is so fun and gives our customers new menu items to try!

It’s so clear that Mackenzie, Grant and Hayden are procaffeinating (I had to borrow that from their website because it’s too good), community-focused friends interested in serving up everyone’s favorite part of the day, in the best way that they can. Tucked behind Dewey Destin’s Harborside on Destin’s Boardwalk you’ll find this must-visit trailer. To keep up with JumpinGoat Coffee, be sure to follow their journey on Facebook and Instagram for their day-to-day and crave-worthy offerings. If you need me, you know where to find me. ☕

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